Live tweeting unethical if subjects are named

14 Mar

Andy Boyle’s piece couldn’t exactly be called journalism. However, it certainly appeals to human interest, and people are bound to read Boyle’s account of what happened. As far as ethics goes, I think it would have been a bit unethical to post this if the couple’s names were mentioned. Still, since Boyle took pictures of the couple, they may be able to be identified by a Twitter user, although the likeliness of this is small since we don’t know which Burger King Boyle is tweeting from. It may not be tasteful to be publish this, but Boyle’s “storytweets” are definitely likely to be retweeted.

Similarly, last year actor and comedian Donald Glover tweeted a picture of a couple hooking up at a Bank of America ATM. Although Glvoer did not identify who the couple was, police could find this picture on Twitter and possibly find out who the perpetrators are. However, since the picture quality is poor, the couple may not be able to be identified and it could just be a good laugh for Twitter users.

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