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State of the Union, Wordle style

16 Apr


In January 2010, President Obama used many encouraging, happy words in his speech, including “new,” “work,” families” and “reform.” Since this was his first year as president, and the economic depression was still in its early stages, I think this was appropriate. A lot of verbs are also used here, like “know,” “take,” “make,” “help,” and “give.” The word “change” was a big part of his campaign, and he made this clear in his speech.


2010 was a rough year for Obama. After the oil spill and the depression, many people began to question whether this man was a good president for the U.S. The use of “America” and jobs” is not unusual here, but by using words, like “new” and “people,” he is trying to address that the American people are what matter most, and we also need new sources of energy, along with new jobs. He doesn’t use as many action words as he did in the previous SoTU.


Obama’s latest State of the Union was entirely focused on America, as seen by the prevalence of certain words in the above Wordle. This was Obama’s last chance to get the country’s spirits up. He definitely focuses on the depression here, with words like “work,” “tax,” “country” and “years,” being used in this speech. Also, his use of verbs is almost completely gone; the words seem more business-like. However, words like “America,” “jobs,” people,” and “new” are pretty consistent in his speeches, which show he is dedicated to getting America out of its current economic state.

If journalists put speeches into Wordle, they could figure out the prevalent words and thus figure out specific themes and the circumstances these words were spoken under. This could greatly help with understanding different topics and writing stories.